I am a promoter. Can I work with Club 27 to host my event? We are sorry but we are not working with promoters at this time. 

Can I bring my own food for my event? Yes, you can bring your own food or use the caterer of your choice. 

Can I bring my own drinks? All drinks must be purchased from the venue.

Does the venue have a kitchen? The venue does not have a kitchen.

Do you allow for free setup time before my event? The venue rents by the hour regardless of the activity taking place. You have to purchase time for your setup.

How many people can be seated and still have a dance floor? Anywhere between 100 and 160. It depends on the setup. 

Can we use your tables and chairs? You can use the tables and chairs we own free of charge. Any additional you have to get from a third party.

Do you have any limitations on how loud the music can be? Yes, there is a volume cap during the day and until 9pm, music can be loud but not extremely loud during this period.

How much is the security deposit? $500 for Saturday or $250 for all other days.

Is the security deposit refundable? Yes, it is refundable provided that no damage is done to the venue during the event and usage time is fulfilled as stipulated in the contract.

Does my DJ have to bring his own equipment? Yes, DJs have to bring their own equipment.